Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Olive and the Embarrassing Hat

My third book in the Olive series, Olive and the Embarrassing Hat, publishes this week! 

Joe gives Olive a present because he loves her so much, but unfortunately it's a rather unattractive hat (Olive naturally has a keen sense of style!) How can Olive ditch the hat and still be a good friend to Joe? 

It's based on an experience I bet many of us have had with a well-intentioned but unsuitable gift - mine involved a t-shirt from my cousin reading "Alexander Loves Tor" in large multicoloured felt letters - a painful (though loving!) situation to find myself in.

Olive and the Embarrassing Hat is in bookshops now! Very much not an embarrassing gift to give to a young friend in your life!

This book is published by Brubaker, Ford & Friends. 

My thanks to Katie, who was a lovely editor on this book, and to Amy and Amelia, and David and Brett - I will always feel grateful and lucky for the time I spent working with them.

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Camelgeese said...

I want to read the book very soon and I love Olive's hat. :- )