Monday, October 20, 2014

Beautiful moth!

Karen Wall, who wrote that her sons like my book Ambrose Goes for Gold, shared these photos of the completely beautiful, brilliant moth that she sewed for them to play with. Isn't he incredibly great? I'm really inspired to have a go at making a character myself, although I'm not in this league of sewing! 

Also on her list is the caterpillar, the butterfly and the ladybird - if she does manage them too I can't wait to see! As a mega novice, I'm filled with admiration for Karen's sewing skills.

Thank you so much for sharing Karen, your moth RULES!

Check him OUT!

Lovely stained glass window wings.

Moth cuddles!

Original moth. Who could do with taking some sprucing-up tips from Karen's moth. Also, its nose is like that because it's a super cool hummingbird-hawk moth:

(Not because, as some may have suggested, I get confused between moths and elephants...!)

Friday, October 17, 2014

Yoga Cat printing!

Yesterday I went for my induction at a new (to me) print studio. I absolutely loved it there - and had a great time printing up these yoga-loving cats. 

They are now available in my SHOP - for any yoga lovers in your life!

On the way to the studio - so much STUFF.

Cats on the printing bed!

Shake a tail feather!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I'm going to a new printing studio tomorrow for an induction and to have a go with these yoga cats. I will have half a table at an illustration fair in Hastings in December, so I'm thinking about what I should have for sale. 

Not yet sure how big or how many per page I'm going to have these guys... but I'm keen to do some printing before I forget again!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

A Mathilde Blouse!

I had a lot of fun sewing the Mathilde Blouse by Tilly of Tilly and the Buttons. The buttonhole setting on my machine isn't great, but it did the job and the buttonholes actually work this time! And it was my first go at French seams, which means the inside looks pretty okay too. 

I think the fabric I chose was a little flimsy, and that something stiffer and more shape-holding would be better for next time. I'm going to have another go at this pattern soon, and I have some weightier gingham brown cotton for the attempt.

Brown and green, what a team!

I wore my Mathilde out to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace - what lovely views from the top of the hill looking over London... which I am here obscuring with my posing.

Back view - check OUT those green bad boys!!

The show was a lot of fun, and we drooled over all the fabrics and notions... I bought some linen, and next on my list is the Anna Dress from By Hand London. 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dare you play...


I'm enjoying colouring this spread, now that the BITTERNESS of last week's Photoshop meltdown has been healed by sweet sweet time! I was rushing, so probably not saving as often as I ought, and had an "end of file name" error message, which corrupted the whole file... much colouring lost! But I guess it's useful to have a wake up call about my saving and organising habits.

And still keeping up with the sewing! This is a top in progress, carrying on with the bright buttons look.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


I'm colouring, colouring, doing a spread today which has lots of my drawing nemesis - CARS. But I am getting better at these bad boys! By the end of this spread I'd better be anyway... 

"Please see to my car my good man!" says the lovely sheep.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cats and Confetti

A couple of months ago I did a commission for a wedding announcement card, which was a first for me - I really enjoyed it! 

(Card printed by The Imaging Centre, who I've consistently had good results with.)

***Congratulations Sophie and Nick!***

Monday, September 15, 2014

Saturday Sewing!

I spent Saturday sewing up a shirt with some lovely cotton shirting fabric from The Cloth House on Berwick Street (dangerously close by...) The pattern was made up from an old Jaeger shirt, using the technique which Alice Prier teaches at Ray Stitch

It wasn't 100% successful - a bit massive and baggy, but that was sort of the look I was going for...! And it was my first go at buttonholes which were not nearly as scary as I'd feared. (Although, because they turned out too small, I mostly sewed the buttons into the back bit... but I'm still going to consider that part a success!)

I'm really into this blue/grey with bright red buttons look!

Friday, September 12, 2014


A few more pics of the studio - there's a hatch in our ceiling and a flat roof on top, with great views of Soho roofs... And great Rear Window-style spying opportunities! Polishes glasses...


Thursday, September 11, 2014

New Studio

I've moved studios! It felt a bit soon, having only been in Dalston for a year, but the west-east commute was just starting to feel a real waste of time. It's very exciting to be in the centre of town now, and to have halved my commute. But I'm dangerously near the fabric shops of Berwick Street... I popped out for lunch just now and came back with shirt fabric, a thimble and 10 buttons. I must get a grip! 

Down the alley, to the door, up the stairs... to my desk! 
Which needs some loving decoration on the wall there, and then it'll be COMPLETELY perfect! I feel very lucky to be in a such a special place, and I'm going to make the most of it, and work HARD!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Vinyl guys

I'm working on a book at the moment and I've got my head down! But I was inspired by one bit to draw some vinyl-buying keensters - I'd like to do a print of these guys, along the lines of the intellectual cats. Maybe saying I Heart Vinyl or somesuch... anyway here are some of them!

And I'm moving studios next week, which is exciting. I'm really going to miss the people and place where I am now - the darned commute has beaten me. But I'll be back to do some more screen printing, as I don't want to forget what I've only just learned!

Eyeing up the Rod Stewart...

This Bruce is in fiiiine condition!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Finished dress!

My keenness on sewing continues, and this was my latest project! A couple of weeks ago I went to a one-day class at Ray Stitch, taught by the very talented Alice Prier. The class was called Recreate Your Favourite Garment, and I brought along a dress I love, and a midi skirt in case the dress was too difficult.

Alice taught us a great technique for making a pattern from our old clothes, and I took away a dress pattern at the end of that day. I wondered if it was a little ambitious for me to sew, but it's been great! I've definitely learned a ton doing this, and bits that I thought would be very hard were easier, and vice versa. The buttons for example, which looked like a nightmare, were easy peasy, whereas the darts were trickier.

It's not a perfect fit on me, but then neither was the original. I managed to lose some neck space, so it bunches up a bit there, and is a bit billowy around the middle. But apart from that, I'm pretty thrilled!

Bonjour. Je suis le original dress. I found it in a Paris frip store, and it had massive holes in the arms from day one. Plus I'm not much of a red-wearer - quelle domage!

I think it was the buttons and the neckline shape that I liked the most, and wanted to copy.

Pattern made in Alice's class, then I added a seam allowance and cut it out at home. Pretty stripy fabric from Ray Stitch.

Pocket pride.

Almost there - just need some arms...

Arms! And I made a belt too, to solve the billowy middle problem. I ordered the plastic buckle off Ebay, about £3 I think.

Just look at those bad boys!

With belt...

Without! As the French frip shop intended.

What next what next what next???