Thursday, July 31, 2014

Digby Dog Delivers Publication Day!

My new book, published by Macmillan Children's Books, is out today!

Digby Dog Delivers is a story with search-and-find activities inside. Every other spread is a big scene, with jokes and lots of jolly things to find. Digby goes to a greenhouse, a dinosaur museum, a scientists' laboratory and more!

It was a joy to draw, and thank goodness for Photoshop and being able to move things around - hiding objects in the pages was a lot harder than I thought it would be...

After the busier style I was getting more comfortable with on Showtime and The Toucan Brothers, it felt like it'd be good to try paring back the story, and focus on making the pictures as fun to look at as possible. So that was the aim, and I hope it's worked out and that Digby will be a really enjoyable book for children!

Below are some of my favourite small bits from inside... If I ever get to illustrate a dinosaur book, it looks like all my Jurassic characters will be a bit socially needy - the ones on the left are especially eager to please I think! They've turned up 15 minutes early to your dinner party, and you didn't even mean to invite them in the first place.

Digby is in bookshops from today, and hopefully not very well hidden at all! I hope you can find him...

With thanks again to the super duo at Macmillan, Emily and Emma! As always, it was a real joy to be working with them.


Joel Stewart said...

Looks brilliant!

Tor Freeman said...

Thanks Joel!

oasentier said...

Today i ordered Digby Dog and the first two Olive-Books, which were on my wishlist so long. Yay!

Many greetings!

Tor Freeman said...

Hi Carola!

Thank you, I hope you enjoy them all! And I hope all is well with you. Hello from sunny(ish) London!

Tor xx

oasentier said...

Hi Tor,

in my holidays i spent some time with Olive and Digby Dog. :-) Great illustrations and what a lovely story!

Now Olive and the embaressing hat are on my wishlist :-)

By the way: i buy your books in english, i don´t like the german translation, especially when the story is in rhymes (like the Tucan Brothers).

Many greetings from sunny-cloudy Germany! And yes, im fine and hope you too :-)

Camelgeese said...


Tor Freeman said...

Thanks Yunmee! xxxx