Monday, March 14, 2011

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

Though the streams are swollen, keep them doggies rolling!

After seven years in my flat, I've moved. It took longer than I'd expected, of course, and I walked up and down a grillion stairs. Most of my things are in storage while I look for somewhere else to live. It's sort of nice to feel untied down by stuff, although I don't expect that feeling to last, I'll miss my trinkets! How will I manage without my jars of shells, my tin insects, my bowl of lucky finds and other sundry rubbish that I'm fond of? I suspect the answer is: perfectly well. 
I must stop collecting rubbish! Roll on new pad!

Edit: It appears it should be "dogies" not "doggies". And says a dogie is a "a motherless calf in a cattle herd", and the word comes from from "dough-guts",  because they were fed on flour and water paste - how about that? And how about I stop looking up Rawhide lyrics and do some work...

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