Friday, February 18, 2011

Cattern number 2: Spaghetti

When I was younger, and occasionally still now, my dad and I would talk about our last meal on Earth choice. His is always a fry up, and I used to agree (amazing to me, considering we pretty much always chose the same thing, how much mileage we've had out of this conversation. I guess some things are just very important.)
Nowadays I think I'd have to choose spaghetti bolognese, but these cats are having it plain. 


Kalo said...

this is just too sweet. you should so make it into wrapping papers or stationery!
I would be the first to purchase them.

MochiPan said...

And I would be the second! Love it! :)

Axel Zapata/ IlustraciĆ³n said...

So great!!!