Thursday, August 25, 2016

Draw It! Colour It! Beasts

The follow up to Draw It! Colour It! Creatures is going to be published in September by Macmillan Children's Books: Draw It! Colour It! Beasts! I'm proud to have been asked by Emily Ford to be part of this wonderful project once again. 

Just like the last one, this is beautifully realised activity book, with opportunities for colouring, drawing and inventing. I thought the last book was beautiful, and this can sit proudly next to it. In terms of follow-ups, this is definitely a Last Crusade rather than a Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

There is such a nice variety of spreads inside...

Add food to Bethan Woollvin's hungry croc! 

Draw underground animals in Lydia Coventry's picture!

What are Jools Bentley's monster gang eating?

Help Miss Medusa with her hair on Marta Alt├ęs's spread!

Colouring and sheep-completing with Steve Lenton's drawing! 

Who is Jim Field's Piuggle's owner? And what will Yasmeen Ismail's Fluffy look like with new hair?

What are Zak Simmonds-Hurn's characters running from in the ice??

Here's my spread! A cat circus, draw in alllll the extra cats!

Here's the one that I've done so far! Alexis Deacon's excellent monster page...

 * * * Beasts APLENTY! * * *

Draw It! Colour It! Beasts is published by Macmillan Children's Books this September.

Congratulations Emily and Macmillan!


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