Saturday, December 5, 2015

Fairs fair!

Next Saturday I'm excited to be taking part in the Illustrators' Christmas Fair at the House of Illustration! There are full details are on their website, but it's in Granary Square, London King's Cross, from midday until 6pm next Saturday, 12th December.

I will be sharing a table with my friends and super illustrators Sharon King-Chai and Marta Alt├ęs! I had a table at the House of Illustration's summer fair a couple of years ago with Sharon and Mel and it was such a fun day and a nice vibe. 

It should be an ace day out and potentially a super hunting ground for unique Christmas pressies! Please do come along!

I am feeling much more fair-seasoned after Thought Bubble last month! I meant to post about it earlier, but I was preparing so much beforehand, and then the rest of the month just zoomed. In typical form, I took zero photographs of the rest of the fair, but my boyfriend and booth buddy Ben took a few of our table. It all looks a bit blue-screen in these pics, hopefully the effect was less so in real life... 

I learnt so much about having my own table, and displaying things - one big thing being I won't bother with the backing board next time! I don't think people looked it at much, and I felt like a backing-board wally. People were so friendly and kind, I had some lovely chats and discovered some new artists. 

My top highlights included: 

* Circling round Kate Beaton like a diffident shark a few times, though I never got the nerve to stand in the queue and say hi - next time!

* Tabling next to illustrator Emmeline Pidgen and animator Andrew Jolly, fellow Thought Bubble first-timers and perfect table neighbours (tabours)!

* Exchanging hellos with Darryl McDaniels from Run DMC, who appears to have branched into comics-making! (Apparently he did a surprise mini-set at the mid-con party, which I'd failed to get us tickets for - SERIO POST-FOMO about missing his performance of Walk This Way :-((() 

* Getting to meet some people whose work I'd admired in person, such as Zak Simmonds-Hurn, Joe List and Kristyna Baczynski - and getting to stare from afar at others!

* Seeing all the super costumes people came in, of which I recognised maybe 5% - need to bone up before next year!

Hurrah for fairs, meeting people at fairs, and having fair deadlines which make me mini-freak out but work more!

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