Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thought Bubble Leeds weekend

It's the Thought Bubble Festival this weekend in Leeds! I have a table in the Royal Armouries Hall all day on Saturday and Sunday. I'll be at table number 3 - just before you get to the entrance for the talks and panels. Please come by and see me! I would love it - I'm looking forward to the weekend, and to seeing everyone else's super work. 

I'll have my Welcome to Oddleigh comic, 20 pages A5 size. I'll have stickers, cards and bargainously priced screen prints for sale! Including this new guy:

Wrestling cat wants to wrestle with you! Don't deny him this pleasure!!

I'll be showing my new Concertini cards... which due to being disorganised I haven't got enough printed of, but they'll be there to show and then in my online shop next week. 

Here are three of seven designs I've made:

There'll be cushions... there'll be risos... there'll be my nervous face! It'll all be happening.

Hope to see you there!

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