Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Filter fun!

I'm working on a new idea, and wanted to do an atmospheric picture to see
if I could get the look I'd like. I had fun doing this kind of filter with Showtime! 
when Billie is having stage fright...

And oh look, here's quite a similar composition really ahem!! 
This is Mr Magnifico doing his butterfly trick, with someone sinister watching 
on from the audience... the audience have the Hue/Saturation filter over them, set on 
Multiply, so they're a bit darker and less saturated.
And here's with a different setting, further desaturated, which I think I like... 
I foresee endless fiddling ahead! 
Photoshop RULES - ain't that the truth??

Sometimes I worry that I'm too dependant on my computer for colouring, and if the day comes that all computers go busto I'll be in trouble... then I remember that if the day dawns when all computers are indeed bust, we'll be facing bigger problems than whether I can desaturate a hat-wearing rabbit to the right degree...

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