Thursday, March 5, 2015

World Book Day

Happy World Book Day everyone! I spent the morning at St Luke's School in Queen's Park, where we drew animals and had a lovely time! The children had on some great costumes, as did the teachers - a super Mr Tickle, a Huckleberry Finn, Goldilocks and the penguin from Lost and Found!

I also received some lovely photos. 

Here is Isla, aged 5, dressed as Billie from Showtime for Billie and Coco

And here is Dulcie, who is three years old and dressed up as Billie for nursery!

I love both these costumes so much - thank you for sending the photos to me, Helen and Megan! 

I hope everyone is having a super day and enjoying whatever costume they are wearing! I didn't plan properly, so went slightly Toucan again - I'm digging this denim on denim look however... 

Sammy's in the studio today and we are totally hanging out. Call us if you're having plumbing troubs!

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