Monday, June 16, 2014


On Saturday I went to ELCAF, the East London Comics & Arts Festival. I had a great time and saw some very inspiring work (and tried to pick up some display tips for next weekend). I watched a talk by Mathias Adolfsson which was super as I've admired his work for a few years now, and I bought a signed copy of his new book, Second in Line. I also bought a copy of Emily Carroll's new book, Through the Woods. I've had it on my wishlist so to get a signed copy was a total bonus. 

Here are the few pics I took:

Perhaps most importantly, I found my sock twin!! And she turned out to be a very super illustrator from Barcelona called JĂșlia Solans.

Me and Marta queueing to see Mathias Adolfsson do his talk.

Hanging out with Shikha, Emily and Stuart too!

For an interesting, well written and photo-illustrated read about the festival, check out Sarah McIntyre 's  blog entry

In other news, I did a commission last week for a friend's dad. He used to make up stories starring these characters, and she and her sisters wanted to give him some illustrations. It was good to draw some people again! (Click on the picture to see a bit bigger.)


Elfie said...

These guys are fantastic Tor!

Tor Freeman said...

Hey thanks Elfie! xx