Friday, April 4, 2014


For the first time this year I went to the Bologna Children's Book Fair, which was an inspiration and an eye-opener. I'm not a great traveller - I forgot a suitcase, my passport had the temerity to go out of date without consulting me, and when I arrived I found I'd booked myself into a conference hotel about 20 miles outside the city. BUT, all that aside, I had a great time - and am inspired to return next year and do it better! 

I had a day to explore the city too - what a medieval good time! 

Looking down through the middle of the Asinelli Tower... urgh.

From the top of the Asinelli Tower you can see Bologna stretching out like a spider's web from the centre.

Come on feet, we can do it!

After the fair, Emily and I went to Rome for three days, which was wonderful.

My favourite of the many cherub babies we saw in Rome.

(Rome church-going new-to-me fact: so there are cherubim and putti (singular putto) - the latter are little male children who appear  more often in secular pictures, but are often confused with cherubim... to be honest I still don't think I could tell them apart, but nice to know about them anyway!)

Emily and me (neither putti nor cherubim) in front of the Trevi Fountain - classic stuff.

Since coming back and mostly shaking off a (potentially overeating-induced) bug I'm feeling very inspired to work and draw and think... hurrah for renewed energy and excitement!

Cacahou├Ętte saying goodnight in Tralalire. 

Cats n pigs

Character sketching! 

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