Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lizard Box!

A few months ago Clifford Richards kindly asked me, with Alice Lickens and Barnaby Richards among others, to be part of a project to design some tin boxes for children, for The Original Metal Box Company. They will be debuting at Pulse London in May and then be for sale!

I've enjoyed the project so much, and was thrilled to get my sample box yesterday. But what o what shall I put in it???

I had to photograph the box looking fetching in various locales around my flat this morning...

Posing precariously on the ledge. Lizards are good at this though, don't worry!

Casual hanging outside by the stairway.

Opening coyly to reveal two excellent shelves inside.

Next to my sundry junk, bowl of lucky beans and tokens, and cool mouse. The postcard on the bottom right shows one of Clifford's beautiful metal boxes.

Thank you so much Clifford Richards for involving me in this great project! Can't wait to see everyone's boxes together at Pulse!


oasentier said...

Dear Tor,

very cute Box. You should put Lizards in it ;-)

Sunny greetings,

Tor Freeman said...

Hi Caro! Thanks! Yes ha ha maybe I'll cut some airholes in and go for that. I used to have two lizards when I was young!

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful, Tor!

Tor Freeman said...

Thanks Barney!