Friday, March 14, 2014

World Book Day

I spent Friday at Hampton Infants School. It was a busy day - 7 workshops of 30 minutes each, and what a lovely school; all the children (and teachers) were dressed up so that was great to see. Thank you for having me, Hampton Infants!

I had two very exciting emails on the morning of World Book Day itself.

My friend Eve sent me a photo of her daughters Ellie and Lydia - Ellie had chosen Olive as her character, and thought of the Bad Mood cloud herself:

I think she looks brilliant!

And then I got a wonderful email from a nice man called Alex saying that his son Wilf really likes The Toucan Brothers, and had chosen Paulie as his WBD character! Look at his fantastic costume - with a tool belt to make any toucan plumber jealous! 

Thank you so much Alex and Wilf! 

On Monday as part of the Hackney Pop-Up Festival I went to Millfields Community School in Hackney, and did some Olive workshops with them. We talked a bit about general illustration history (a rather potted one, admittedly!) and then did some expressions and talking about the idea of spreading around a GOOD mood, rather than a BAD one. I had a great day - thank you to the lovely children and teachers at Millfields! 

What if Olive was spreading a NICE mood?

Filling in expressions

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