Monday, February 17, 2014

Imagine Festival

I had a lovely time at the Imagine Festival at the Southbank yesterday, reading the Toucans and doing some drawing, worksheets and having plumbing chat! The audience was absolutely lovely, and did some beautiful expressions drawing - thank you all who came along! Especially the little boy at the end who put up his hand during questions and asked me how old I was - always good to cut right to the chase, I feel!

Here are some photos courtesy of brilliant Ella, and thank you to Catherine for keeping me company and lending support! 

Filling in the expressions worksheets

Who are the twosome on whom to depend?

 Demonstrating that long thing you use to clear out drains... not the flugelbinder, though that keeps leaping to my mind! 

Some book signing afterwards

An Asterix treat for Dyl!

And beer treats for Els and Tor!


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