Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Toucans at Kingston Library

Today I headed back to my old university stomping ground of Kingston, to do a reading of The Toucan Brothers at Kingston Library. It was organised by the very welcoming and helpful Mike Treacy, and was attended by the lovely, funny reception class from St John's Primary School in Kingston.

We talked about what being an illustrator is about, and what pictures add to books. Then I talked about how much I like drawing animals, and how important expressions are to show their characters and what they are feeling. That, and reading from the book, took up the rest of our session!

See monkey draw monkey!

Everyone had a go at pulling expressions and filling in the blank animal faces.

An excellent rendering of a surprised pig!

I am being a sad guinea pig in this picture, with plumbing outfit!

Part of the lovely display Mike Treacy made for our visit!

 All done! But still time to pose as Dennis and Gnasher on the way home!

Thank you to the really lovely reception class from St John's, to Mike Treacy, and to my friend and editor at Macmillan Children's Books, Emily Ford!


Ainolopa St. said...

I love the angry pig one haha nice blog post!

Tor Freeman said...

The pig is wonderful isn't it!

E! said...

Please write a book about the surprised pig, tor! He looks like he's having some very intense thoughts!

Tor Freeman said...

Hi Elfie! yes a lot of their expressions were very intense!
You should have seen some of the other angry cats, they were FURIOUS!