Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reviews are in from cousin Georgie!

It's been a lovely week of reviews for me, and I want to link to two that are so nice.

 But today I want to concentrate all on the letter I got yesterday!

The most exciting post came, from my cousin and longterm reviewer, Georgie (aged 11)! Of course I was nervous about her responses - as she mentions in her letter she is a busy person! In my request letter I was, of course, respectful of that... But she's come up trumps! And glad to see she's got her priorities straight re the Morpurgo/Freeman issue.

I love these reviews so much! I very much hope that Georgie's deal about the Morpurgo books goes through, and I must say I personally think she went just about the right amount of deep in her reviews - I love them!! Thank you so much Georgie! xxx


sam hearn said...

Very nice, Tor! Shamefully, I picked up the first Olive in Chiswick's cheapie bookshop not long ago. Toucan Bros is ace btw.

Tor Freeman said...

Thanks Sam! Glad you like them bros!