Monday, June 3, 2013

Mural Painting!

Queen Mary's Hospital in Roehampton has long been considered by my family as the best of hospitals, with great staff who give consistently fantastic care. I was born there, along with my friends Ella and Esther; my sister Jessie the persistent ankle-breaker has had wonderful care there, and in adulthood so have the rest of us.

So when they asked if I knew anyone who could do a mural in the children's dermatology suite I volunteered myself and Mum. I felt quite apprehensive in the run-up as I'm used to drawing animals thumb-sized rather than giant, but we ended up having a GREAT weekend, and think the paintings have brightened up the children's cubicle. We hope the staff at Queen Mary's will agree!

What ho! What would brighten this slightly clinical (though excellent-care-involving!) room up?

 Our brief: Do something that goes with these curtains. 

Mural Painting Team! (Mum and Tor)

Ingredients for fun.

But what shall we do first?

Let's get cracking with this parrot!

And a monkey! 

Pensive by the giraffe.

Now ecstatic!

What's that monkey doing with that banana??

End of the first day.

Back again - renewed vigour! 

Tortoise and baby.

Defining ants.

Tortoise details going on.

What has that parrot got his eye on?

We took photos of all the areas...

The banana was not a great success.

Watch out caterpillar!


Parrot hanging out with the latex gloves.

Mum's gorgeous ladybird family.

Waving not drowning.

All done - and it looks like they're waving goodbye to us!

But it's taken a toll on the exhausted muralists. Off to the pub! 


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Ella Butler said...

Ahhh Tor and Jude! It looks SO great! It's made that room seem much less like a clinical hospital room, and I can imagine the kids will feel like they're in good company now (apart from the excellent doctors and nurses obv). I really like the way the animals are interacting with each other and the objects and furniture. Nice! And you and Jude look like you had such good fun! Xxx