Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last pics from the US

Last pics from Connecticut. The top ones are Alice and me with Dona and Lynn and skeletons made from plastic bottles, coming back from the New England Booksellers' Conference and stopping for milkshakes. Halloween was in full swing in the US from the moment October arrived. The bottom photo Dona took of Alice and me on our last day, in front of the house.

In New York I got to see my friend Yunmee, which was really wonderful. We took a ferry from Williamsburg to Dumbo, windy and beautiful.

Alice and her friend Kimi and I found a super proto-American bar, and got involved.

** Fashion Extra **
New York outfit. When travelling in a Big City (even if you live in one) it is important to wear a bumbag and all your wardrobe at the same time, to show you mean business. 

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Kalo Make Art said...

love your dress style! i am sure you had fun there!!! So many pumpkins!!!