Saturday, September 29, 2012

Party Time!

Yesterday Dona and Lynn and Nick, Lynn's son, Mary, Lynn's sister, and Sergio, a fellow from last year, came round for a party! Very kindly it was in honour of my last published book, Showtime for Billie and Coco - a book party! I hid in my room while they put up decorations and when I came out the house was transformed with animal balloons, blow-up monkeys and paper totem poles.

Outside the house, all lit up * Hermann in festive mood * the party gang - Alice, Denise, Me, Lynn, Gerardo, Nick, Dona and Sergio

Us again - with Mary too

And if that wasn't enough, with a delicious Chinese takeaway, then came.... THE CAKE!! Look at this cake! It was absolutely THE BEST. 

Gerardo photoshopped my face into the picture, feel like I should have this on all future book covers from now on. Or have books made out of cake.

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