Friday, May 11, 2012

Genesis of a Card

LOCATION: The Studio
TIME: The extremely recent Past

It's my friend Emily's birthday! I'll make her a lovely card. Hmmmm... How about this guy?

But what am I saying here? That he wants to eat her up on her birthday? That's weird, and what's more, irrelevant.

I know! We went to see Being Elmo together! I'll draw puppets saying Happy Birthday!

No, that's rubbish. I know, a superhero - because she's super! URGH. No.

I know! Some mariachi lizards playing on a cactus! Yeah!

Nice chap who sits next to me: "Wouldn't they be getting prickled?"

Does Emily even like lizards, mariachi bands, or cacti??


Well of course! The answer was staring me in the face all this time!

TIME: The Present

Does Emily remotely like the Village People? Do I? What is this hand? Where am I?
What's that you ask... Don't I have some actual work I should be doing? 

Gosh, look at the time - must dash!

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