Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Cat skeleton drawings. I think it's so important when you do drawings as anatomically correct as my cat drawings are, to really get down to the nitty gritty (of the kitty). Next I'm going to look at their musculatureyness and inner branial workings. And their whiskerlature [edit: new joke]

Really I was listening to Little Richard, which reminded me of this super video:

gif maker online
Get down with your bad bony selves, cats!
(If you put on Lucille and manage to start it just at the right time, as I've spent the last minute doing, these cats are totally in time, almost! Although the one on the bottom left may have been drinking.)


Ben Clanton said...

These are great! Funny!

And the video too :)

Zhabba said...

they are so funny, i can't stop laughing.
your pictures are so great, i a, so happy to find your blog!

luke said...