Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Party Food

I've been drawing party food, treats that couldn't include anything remotely sausage roll-like. I started to remember the amazing spreads you used to see at every children's party. 
Chocolate Fingers, Hula Hoops, Wagon Wheels, jelly... and you were allowed to eat as much as you wanted! I was a tediously picky eater as a child, well until I was about 23, so all the loveliness was wasted on me, apart from the crisps and chocolate. Now I'd GORGE, it all looks good! Although I'm still a little uneasy about jelly. (As Beyonce almost said.)


John said...

I just came across your website Tor and discovered your work for the first time. Really excellent work, well done. You've a fine command of character and design!

Tor Freeman said...

Hi John! Thanks for having a look and for your lovely comments! Tor