Friday, April 15, 2011

A SUPER week

It's Turtle!!


This week has been very busy, with work and fun and work-related fun. Yesterday I got advance copies of my new book, Turtle and Me, written by Robie H Harris and published by Brubaker, Ford & Friends. I feel so happy about this one, and have really loved working on it.

On Wednesday I went to see Buck 65 at the King's College Student Union. (Student unions sure ain't what they used to be - two drinks cost my pal £10!!! What's THAT about?) I think he's one of the best things I've come across in a while. He was funny, great music and his dancing was BRILLIANT. And he told a story about a rooster claw, and a bully at his school called Tardit.

That day I also got an email from the restaurant saying they were having a "soft launch" the next day, and would I like to come - food was free, drinks were not, which I think is the least dangerous combo and one I felt pretty happy about. I was sort of overwhelmed to see the wallpaper - it was SO big, but I felt really proud about how it came out. Here I am underneath it:

Holding the ketchup was making me laugh last night. Again, pretty glad the drinks weren't free. The burgers were seriously delicious though.

Non-work related, but this website has been making me laugh all week. I especially enjoyed the big-ass beetle and the beef jerky ones...


rachel stoleru said...

This looks very sweet. I love your characters. The wallpaper also looks great.

Tor Freeman said...

Thanks Rachel!