Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cat pattern - a cattern, if you will!

This is my first go at following Julia Rothman's pattern tutorial on Design Sponge by hand, cutting up my paper. My natural impatience with measuring and cutting carefully meant I bodged it a bit, and it came out a bit wonky and join-showing... it's such a great way to do patterns though, I must just be more patient next time!
Contorting cats!


Kalo said...

hey this is really great. I m going to give it a try now! I always wonder how patterns are created, thanks for the link. Let you know once mine is done!

MochiPan said...
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MochiPan said...

oooh this is soooo gorgeous! I love it! Just discovered your site through Kalo above (Hi Kalo!) and your work is so gorgeous! (I think I said that already - oops!).

Have you heard of the website Spoonflower? (www.spoonflower.com). You can get your repeat pattern printed by them on fabric - I had a few pieces done (I think it's on my blog somewhere) and it's great quality. The delivery is often slow as I think they are so popular, but well worth the wait, you should get some kitty gymnastics fabric printed!

Kalo said...

Hello Tor, I have done it!!!!! Thanks again for your post!!! Totally love it, I love it so much I have to blog about my process - http://kalomakeart.blogspot.com/