Saturday, October 9, 2010

Things in jars!

This morning I took my (mild) hangover to the Huntarian Museum in Lincoln's Inn Fields, where The Big Draw was putting on an event. It was very busy, and I sat on the floor getting giant pins and needles and trying to commit some of these jarred guys to sketchbook. There were several artists from the Institute of Medical Illustrators taking part and helping out, and I overheard some riveting conversations about specialist techniques and how the job works.

I went by limo - that's not weird, right?

Who are you calling a troglodyte?

I like the way I accidentally made the guy on the left look like he's lifting his skin up like a skirt to show you his insides. And looking kind of proud about it too.

The Huntarian is a super, interesting place, and entrance is free. The displays are beautiful and informative, and some of the animal foetuses (foeti? foetopedes? foetie foets?) are astonishing - there's a walrus there about the size of my hand, and although he's got no tusks you can recognise him straightaway by his tiny walrus face.

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