Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mudchute City Limits

Today I went with my friend Elfie to Mudchute City Farm, London's largest, on the Isle of Dogs. Stepping out of Mudchute DLR station it felt like countryside, apart from Canary Wharf looming from a distance. Today was extra autumnal, the sky threatening and yellowish, and bonfire smell in the air, which turned out to be coming from the farm itself.

On the way on the DLR

Down a long path to the farm - a bit scary, where IS the farm?

Sheep and Canary Wharf

The ferret that bit me (a little) and tried to get up my sleeve

Chewing on his pen, chew chew chew

Bedtime for sheep - being herded somewhere mysterious

Brilliant goats, they were being very vocal and talking to each other at bedtime - see how exotic the one on the right is? They are Nubian goats

Darn you animals, why won't you stay STILL

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