Friday, July 23, 2010


I met a friend to do some drawing from the terrace of the Royal Festival Hall yesterday. I was keeping my eye out for the cosmic clouds, and thought I'd spotted some likely looking ones, but I think we were a little early.

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Nick said...

you might want to look at the illustrations of Gordon Cullen, who produced a large number of drawings in the 1940s, suggesting what the South Bank would look like after reconstruction post-1951. Your drawing is very reminiscent of the kind of views Cullen suggested would be opened up by the transformation (you couldn't see the 'North Bank' from the South Bank before 1951, because you couldn't access the river front because it was taken up with industrial wharfs and docks).

I'll get some for you once I've dug them out.

Martin Vowles is pitching an app to the Southbank Centre, and asked me to do some historical work on it for him, I hope we'll be able to add some of Cullen's drawings to it if it goes ahead. They're very particular.