Monday, August 11, 2014

Book Launch!

On Thursday last week, Marta and I had a joint book launch for our new books, My New Home and Digby Dog Delivers, at the really wonderful Book & Kitchen in Ladbroke Grove.

I had a great time, and we both sold out of our books, which felt like a good success! Sadly I didn't get many pics, and certainly none of me looking normal (sober), but there's one below, plus the super flyer Marta designed for us.

Digby meets Racoon - the start of a great friendship!

Emily, our friend and Macmillan editor, me and Marta

Ella's book launch buys!

It felt like a great evening - thank you so much to those who came along!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Olive and the Embarrassing Hat

My third book in the Olive series, Olive and the Embarrassing Hat, publishes this week! 

Joe gives Olive a present because he loves her so much, but unfortunately it's a rather unattractive hat (Olive naturally has a keen sense of style!) How can Olive ditch the hat and still be a good friend to Joe? 

It's based on an experience I bet many of us have had with a well-intentioned but unsuitable gift - mine involved a t-shirt from my cousin reading "Alexander Loves Tor" in large multicoloured felt letters - a painful (though loving!) situation to find myself in.

Olive and the Embarrassing Hat is in bookshops now! Very much not an embarrassing gift to give to a young friend in your life!

This book is published by Brubaker, Ford & Friends. 

My thanks to Katie, who was a lovely editor on this book, and to Amy and Amelia, and David and Brett - I will always feel grateful and lucky for the time I spent working with them.